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Why Pink Boa?

Why else? Because boas are fun. Remember dressing up as a little girl in a boa and high heels? Or when you think of a sexually powerful burlesque dancer, isn't it closely followed by an image of a boa? Boas represent many things for women: power, femininity, sexual freedom, rule breaking, and, most importantly, play and pleasure. And that, dahling, is what we are all about!

What We Do

Pink Boa Society members are feminist proactive women and girls who are dedicated to empowering women and creating community. Oh and, we wear pink boas while we do it.

Check out some of the joys of membership. Boas receive discounts on many events sponsored by women in our community.

  • Free Monthly Feminist Article/Book Excerpt Discussion Group and Movie Night (Ok, not really free; we ask for a $5 donation for Mama Jenny's home-cooked meal if you want to eat.)
  • Information about our "campaign of the month;" easy activities you can participate in to change the world and make it a more equal place for women
  • Community with other women
  • The ability to list your own Pink Boa events on our online calendar
  • Safe space to talk about all the things that affect us women
  • Discounts on Yoga Beginner Series and other local events and workshops hosted by Pink Boa
  • Discount on Women's Winter Wonderland Retreat (only 13 spots!!)
  • Much, much more

Contact Us Today

Please contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you. pinkboa@pinkboasociety.org

Special Event

Women in Theatre
The First Annual Women's Arts Festival

See schedule and purchase tickets.

Next Meeting

June 2, 2008, 7:30 P.M. at Dover Yoga

For directions, please visit the Dover Yoga Website.

Hope you can attend!